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Call Tracking
Measure the success of your investment
BlitzLocal’s Call Tracking service is an exceptional channel for you to measure the success of your advertising dollars. Replace your land line number with one of our instantly assigned 800 numbers and feel privileged to know exactly how effective our services are. Each call that is made to your assigned number will be recorded for quality assurance, making you the operator of generated leads.
Play, pause, listen and learn where your customer is coming from.
The BlitzLocal Call Tracking dashboard allows you to play back every call from start to finish, download the call in an audio file, and hear your phone staff perform.
Hear AND Visualize the call.
Each call will be traced for measurable reporting. Not only can you hear the call, but the BlitzLocal Call Tracking dashboard will provide you with an analysis of call time, location, duration, and origin. Stay informed and optimize accordingly with the power of BlitzLocal Call Tracking software.
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