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This package is designed for corporations that are looking to start Pay-Per-Click advertising. Our Jumpstart PPC package offers security and sustainability for your business. With trust in our leadership we can ensure your brand safety and scalable growth. We understand your reputation as a brand, and our Jumpstart PPC package will only develop this further. For online marketing management you can count on BlitzLocal to be your reliable, and informative partner.
Our PPC Jumpstart service focuses on the following:
*Creation of a new campaign for your brand. *Specific targets for the services your company provides. *Geo-targeting to reach the customers who matter the most. *Complete optimization and customization. *Weekly reports shared with you regarding performance and what to look for in the future.
*Insertion of ads on popular search engines such as Google.
Benefits: *Feel informed with reports from our leadership. *Peace of mind that your campaigns are taken care of by the leaders in local search. *Customer service around the clock to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely matter.
*Flexible spending. After your ads perform and you see more customers, we can invest as much as you’d like for extensive optimization and performance.

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