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SEOs use a variety of tactics to determine what Google thinks about them– their homepage PR, backlinks listed, page indexed, rankings on key terms, how much traffic they get, and so forth. One of my favorites is to look at how many sitelinks are listed. Below is a search on our company name.
See those 8 links underneath our first listing? Those are called sitelinks and you cannot directly control which ones show up or how many of them show. The maximum number you can have is 8.
To get a sitelink, you have to show up as the #1 result and also be “authoritative”. Have you tried this on your own sites? First off, if you’re not ranking #1 on your own name, something is terribly wrong– else you’re brand new or have chosen a generic name that is impossible.
While your Google toolbar PageRank might not change, you have to rely on other factors to tell if Google now thinks more highly of you. BlitzLocal has been at a PR5 for quite some time, but recently, has been getting more sitelinks and also is showing up in more searches related to “local online advertising” and “facebook advertising”– hence, the new sitelinks.

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