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Remember back when it was awesome to change your extended network bar on MySpace? Now you can accomplish the same on Facebook, and people will finally appreciate you as a human being and not just that guy that sits online all day…
Step 1. Open your favorite image editing software. I will be using Paint Shop Pro because I don’t have the patience to torrent Photoshop CS3.
Step 2. Create a blank canvas with the measurements 500px x 70px.
Step 3. Build the masterpiece you wish to place on your profile.
Step 4. Using the crop tool, divide the picture into 5 tiles, each 100px x 70px. (Most likely your software will display the measurements so you can get this precise size.)
Step 5. After saving all 5 files, upload them in REVERSE order and set them as profile pictures.
As you can see above, my masterpiece is in reverse order.
If you set each as a profile picture (in reverse order), revert your profile picture back to the original picture, your profile should appear like this.
Good luck, and let us know how it works out in the comments!
About the guest author:
Kody Wilcox is an Analyst with Blitzlocal and a Facebook enthusiast.
Disclaimer: The opinions and views of guest bloggers, employees and partners are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BlitzLocal, its partners or client companies.

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