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We’ve been doing Facebook advertising since June 2007, when the platform launched. We optimize to your goals– growing your fan base, targeting the right audience, getting more leads, and driving sales. Our system, combined with analytics, gives you an inside view of your audience’s actions.
Leveraging these target markets is key to monetizing today’s social networks, and using these tools with a focused local marketing campaign is invaluable.
Facebook is the new PPC channel to rival Google AdWords. Yet brands are struggling with their social advertising campaigns and complain of low conversion rates, inability to target properly, inability to drive consistent traffic, and difficulty with social media measurement.
If you have at least $1,000 to spend per month or are considering how to use social media in your mix, then BlitzLocal may be able to help. Next steps:
Find out more about how we do it: Social targeting, ad optimization, creative development, social metrics
Read some case studies
I’m a small business and don’t have much money – No problems, check out our do it yourself guides.
Contact us to see if there’s a fit
Facebook has 132 million users in the United States. Find out information about your market with our provided Facebook Country Statistics.
To read more about our Facebook advertising process, let Dennis know at He’ll get back to you right away.

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