How to best leverage Facebook

this is a guest post by Sundeep Kapur, his website is, he’s also a Digital Evangelist for NCR.
Year over year the amount of content available on Facebook has increased dramatically. More brands are beginning to leverage this channel and while the number of consumers on Facebook continues to grow, it is going to get harder for brands to attentively engage consumers. Here are some key points highlighted in this report.
Successful brands need to focus on increasing interaction effectiveness with their consumer base. You do this by increasing the frequency of exposure, paying close attention to what is being discussed, and focused advertising.
Interactions with consumers will occur as you post and more than 70% of the interaction occurs within the first hour. So keep up your efforts on posting more often and monitoring right after you post versus posting and “going to bed.” Also, a post with a “question” tends to drive increased interaction.
Don’t forget that advertising does work. Your engagement rate can go up by 21% to 43% by knowing what to say, when to say, and of course how you say things on Facebook.
Brands have a significant opportunity to leverage social. The key to success is to understand how much of the social data is public, how to collect the data without alienating the consumer, and how best to quickly use the data that is collected.

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