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If you’re here, you probably have seen what we can do and want to find out more. While we primarily serve Fortune 500 clients at retainers starting at $10k a month, we do offer small audits so that you can get high value quickly. Perhaps you are just looking for a second opinion on your strategy, want some tweaks to your existing Facebook campaigns, need a bit of training for your in-house staff, or want to try out a limited engagement with us first. Maybe you’re just starting out and want to understand what is possible for your company based on our experience in the space.
What we’ll do:
Your Facebook analytics: Help you set up proper goals, if not done already, and evaluate your tracking and measurement framework. Want to get deeper into Facebook analytics? We’ll show you how we navigate the metrics.
Your Facebook strategy: How best can you grow traffic and maximize your brand’s value on Facebook? You’ll typically get 2-3 ideas to implement that should more than pay for the audit. Implementation is not included in an audit, though we’re often happy to share internal guides on how we do it.
Facebook advertising campaigns: assess campaign structure, targeting strategy, ad effectiveness, and landing pages. If you have an existing campaign, we can often lift your CTR and conversion rates dramatically with a few tweaks. If you’re looking to start advertising, we can help you build an initial campaign together to demonstrate these concepts live.
What to expect:
Upon getting a Client Enrollment Form completed (to help us understand where you are and what your goals are), plus access to your page, analytics, and ad campaign, our team prepares an audit. Typical turnaround time is 7-14 days depending on how many projects are in the pipeline at the time.
We set up a project in our online project management system for us to share information, ask clarifying questions, and perform preparatory work. This is our primary communication channel.
We have a review call once the audit is completed. It is a 90 minute web session tailored to your goals. It’s recorded so you have the option to do playback to your team later. The time will be focused on what you deem most important.
For 30 days following the review, we are available to answer follow up questions. We are happy to provide minor support here— to answer a question or perhaps take a peek at your campaigns/stats.
Who should NOT sign up for a Quick Facebook Audit:
Agencies who need help growing their client base: Getting more clients, in our opinion, comes not from traditional marketing and advertising, but via the referrals of your happy clients and the buzz that comes from you sharing great information freely.
Start ups and affiliates— unless you’re venture funded, we won’t be a fit for you. We get pitched on offering our services in exchange for equity, and in only rare cases will we do this.

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