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“We want to take our interior design and real estate home staging business to the next level in our local market. We know a strong web presence is a key part of success in today’s locally oriented small business world so we turned to BlitzLocal for help. BlitzLocal’s quick start program fit our needs and budget perfectly allowing us to increase our web presence in our local market. Our web presence continues to rise since we started working with BlitzLocal which is providing immediate value through more new client contacts.
The BlitzLocal team clearly demonstrated their expertise to us in building a strong locally oriented web presence. Their approach of applying fundamentals within a comprehensive game plan fitting our unique wants, needs, and abilities showed us that they are looking after our long term success in the continually changing game of attaining a strong web presence. This is re-assuring to me as a small business owner who relies on trusted partners like BlitzLocal who really do care about success of their clients as much as their own success.”
-Helly Duncan, Principal Designer and Owner of Design Matters Inc.
“Simply put BlitzLocal is the future of local search, its genius is in its simplicity.”
– Markus Frind, CEO of PlentyOfFish.com
“We couldn’t have picked a brighter or more competent partner to help us drive our lead generation program. BlitzLocal did a fabulous job.”
– Chris Lynde, Former SVP Direct Marketing Services, Equifax
“What I like best about BlitzLocal is that they remove the black box approach to SEO and PPC. We have great visibility into PPC management, and a similarly clear path toward SEO improvement. It’s an approach that a non-technical manager like me can understand.”
– Bill Flaherty, Executive Vice President, Quiznos
“BlitzLocal offered to help us with our SEO/SEM and did an amazing job – both in providing strategic and tactical guidance and in training us on the ‑finer points of optimization. Dennis is super connected and super smart.”
– Marc Sirkin, Chief Marketing Officer, The International Rescue Committee
“Dennis impressed me with his clear way of expressing complex technical issues. He has a very strong grasp of Internet marketing. I look forward to working with him in the future.”
– Douglas Schiller, Chief Financial Officer, Live2Net / Track Entertainment
“Dennis provided pro bono services to advance microfinance worldwide to reduce global poverty. He is dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable and capable. He went the extra mile to make things happen in a tight time frame. I look forward to having the good fortune to use his services in the future.”
– Kay Hixson, Chief Marketing Officer, Grameen Foundation
“Cosmetic practices live and die by their ability to market. Outside of their ability to produce solid, consistent results this is the single most important factor in a practices success. Over the last four years we have used TV, radio, print and web advertising. By far the highest ROI has been from web dollars with print being a distant second. However, all web advertising is not created equal. We have been through three web sites and four different SEO companies trying to find someone who could produce results. Even after spending over $6000 dollars we had a non functional site with a terrible quality score that was running up our cost per clicks in the search engines. After learning the right questions to ask, we found Blitzlocal which was the first company to product truly noticeable results. The first question is what percent of the dollars spent go to advertising versus administrative cost. The next question is how to find out how results are monitored. Companies like Blitzlocal can actually calculate how much you are spending per phone call received and monitor all aspects of your campaign. Next find out what relationship the SEO company has with vendors like Google, Ask.com, Facebook and others. Do they know the right people who can get them quick answers and do they do enough business to get a volume discounts to save you money? Finally, find out how much the company understands about making your website searchable to those web sites. When we interviewed Blitz they were able to tell us what were the most potent keywords to use in the content, changed much of our coding from Flash back to the more searchable HTML and they were even able to suggest color schemes were most likely to attract clicks. Real results took patients, a modest budget and a lot of expertise. In the end our quality score went from 1 to 8 and we have quadrupled the number of phone calls from web over the last six months. To get the best SEO results get the right company to guide.”
– Dr. Verebelyi, Colorado Skin Care
“One of the most brilliant ideas to come along to serve Boomers – and beyond – in a long while.”
– Gillian Muessig, SEOmoz

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